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We empower people to contribute to the culture of their tribe in a more impactful way. We recognise that our biggest challenge is to turn anyone in the company into a content creator & audio engineer, which is why we build our product focused on how can we make any person:
  • Plan: Prepare your talking points and set tips for making the episode extra juicy, as easy as making slides 
  • Record: Locally or remote, record straight from your pocket in studio quality while focusing on your discussion
  • Edit: No audio skills required, add your finishing touches, move things around or clarify with extra audio to make things perfect 
  • Publish: privately only for your tribe in a secure platform. Invite your team, your company or build a private community of subscribers

Audio is a massive opportunity to go beyond words. Knowledge sharing is easier when you involve everyone in storytelling and when you showcase the people behind it and their personalities. Everybody adds to the culture of their company! Culture doesn't grow from bullet points on a slide deck.

Text-based communications in a company are not enough to keep the entire organisation up-to-date with how the company is evolving. We simply don't have the time to read all those emails and we spend too much time remembering where's that document or who said what on Slack!

Boarding soon

We're close to setting sail and launching into the rough seas!

You can be one of the first to board on this new journey, and we have some special perks
ready for those kind early adopters souls who share our vision!

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We know this is not a conventional website, we're not a conventional team ;)

We're cooking up something really nice and we always appreciate your input! The user experience is our main focus, fancy website graphics are lower on our priority list.

Help us make a better product and in turn, we will help your organisation develop an informed and cohesive culture.


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