Grow an informed organization which proactively shares knowledge without the information overload

Listen to internal company podcasts or create private audio yourself!Get rid of complex tools and instead focus on your content & narrative.Structure, record and edit audio content for your tribe, all in one app!

Listen to the sound of change

We can turn your team into podcasting experts with a simple, yet powerful tool. No need for tons of equipment or a degree in audio engineering to create high quality podcasts.


Prepare talking points just as easy as making slides and create a compelling narrative for your listeners.


Follow your talking points while recording like a pro, in high-quality audio right from your phone or tablet.


Arrange or trim segments, clean any noise or add extra audio clips to bring great ideas in the spotlight.


Schedule and publish to your private audience or publicly to popular podcasting platforms.

Why should you start an internal podcast?

Audio is an impactful medium which conveys more meaning and context to communication, without contributing to more information overload & increased screen time


Internal Communication

Keep everyone in the loop

Newsletters and intranet articles often go unread due to lack of time. The opportunity is to use audio as a much more impactful medium to convey key messages and meaning


Culture Development

Giving your team a voice

Align around values, but also enable diversity that positively contributes to your organization. Equip & empower people to contribute and build a healthy company culture.


Knowledge Management

Insights worth sharing

Decentralise learning, from decision making to sharing insights! Improve processes by providing the right background & context from the key people who know best.


Thoughts & Research


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divefm provides a complete internal podcasting solution without the need for expensive equipment, audio experts and months of delays. Get in touch if you would like to hear more - literally!

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